Bird Watching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country which has 426 birds in avifaunal list. 227 birds are residents to the country while 26 birds are endemic species. 198 species have been recorded as migrants to the country arriving during the Northern winter and so present from August to April. About 100 migrants who are seek sanctuary in Sri Lanka from overseas.

Bird watching is possible in woods, hills, lakes and along the seashore and so on. But there are special places which more successful for birding - the national parks, the bird sanctuaries, man-made reservoirs and lakes, river banks, the lagoons, the rain forests etc. Forest birds and Wetland birds are found throughout the dry and wet zone.

The top two locations, Knuckles Mountain Range and Horton Plains in the hill country, for mountain endemic birds such as the Dull-blue Flycatcher, Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush and Sri Lanka Bush Warbler. Adam's peak or peak wilderness sanctuary is with many endemic highland birds.

Lowland dry zone forests like Yala National Park, Bundala National Park , Minneriya National Park and Wasgamuwa National Park are ideal for a mixture of bird habitats comprising, wetlands, lakes, dry scrubs, grasslands. Days birding in any famous places may easily over 100 species of birds with a good pocket guide and a binocular. Knight Jungle walks and Night Safari help to see the nocturnal birds like Owls. Buduruwagala ancient site is with a dry zone jungle and and a lake is good for it. The Vaddha village and Sorabora Lake is special to see night birds.

Bird watching in and around Kandy at Udawattakele Forest Reserve, Walkers Forest reserve, Victoria Reservoir and Knuckles Mountain Range can be note.
From the British period the countries postal department released stamps on birds, endemic bird stamps of Sri Lanka and residential bird stamps of Sri Lanka.

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