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Useful links in Sri Lanka - consular service to Sri Lanka
- Sri Lankan Visa
- Updated Travel Advice for UK citizens
- Health information from World Health Organization
- UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka
- B.B.C Information on Sri Lanka
- Weather forecast from the World Meteorological Organization - Weather forecast form B.B.C - Information on Sri Lanka from world fact book
- Exchange rate for the Sri Lanka Rupee Department of Meteorology of Sri Lanka - Conservation int - Bio diversity hotspots in Sri Lanka - Tea museum in Kandy - Sri Lanka Railway Museum - Writer Martin Wickramasinghe Museum - Koggala - Countries allow without prior visa no fee charged in Sri Lanka - Guidelines for Passengers - Duty Free Items - Sri Lanka Customs - Helicopter tours in Sri Lanka - Viceroy Special train tours in Sri Lanka - Hot air ballooning tours in Sri Lanka - Golf courses in Sri Lanka - Central bank of Sri Lanka, Exchange rates - Dam safety and water resource management project in Sri Lanka - Rough Guide to Sri Lanka - By Gavin Thomas - Lonely Planet Guide Book - Foot Print Hand Guide - Bradt Guide book to Sri Lanka - By Royston Elias - Russian Guide Book Sri Lanka Tourist Authority - Sri Lanka Tourist Authority Department of national museum of Sri Lanka Ministry of culture of Sri Lanka Department of archaeology Temple of the tooth of Buddha in Kandy - REDA - Tourism promotion in Central Sri Lanka
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